Councillor, Ward 1 Aurora

Ron Weese

Running for office often results in promises to attract votes. It leads to cynicism and mistrust when they are not met. My promises are simple… Every promise I make is a bond, not a slogan. I will not stop until the job is done.

About Ron

As a 38-year resident of Aurora, I have seen much. I married my wife Eileen who is a lifelong resident of this community and we have raised our family in the same home in the Town Park area in Ward 1. Both of us are proud of these deep Aurora roots.

Most of my professional life has been spent as Professor in various faculties at Seneca College; the last 10 years prior to retirement in 2015 at King Campus in Applied Health Sciences. This academic experience allowed me to work locally, provincially, nationally and internationally in sport administration, organization and delivery. It exposed me to various cultures, values and operations elsewhere. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with people with different needs, skills and who had varying resources and learned from those experiences. They are invaluable assets when considering my role on Town Council.

My ‘avocation’ and community passion has been sport, physical activity and recreation and I have had the privilege to work with numerous people with that same passion. Building a quality sport community has been an undertaking that never ends. As a founder of Sport Aurora and long-time president, programs developed, and accomplishments could not have been completed without the engagement and expertise of many of my friends and colleagues. As I step forward to work for Ward 1 and on Town Council, Sport Aurora has been left in capable hands. 

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