Councillor, Ward 1 Aurora

Rob Fairs

I met Ron Weese in 2010 when, as president-Aurora Men’s Slo Pitch League, I attended a meeting of Sport Aurora.  My intent was to gain an understanding of the organization’s purpose, as our league was considering an application for membership.

I was very impressed with every aspect of the agenda, especially Sport Aurora’s founder/leader…Ron Weese.   Ron overviewed Sport Aurora as a community advocacy group…. soliciting input from local sports organizations to understand their needs/challenges for resources and support, find common interests and provide a collective communication path with the Town of Aurora to collaborate on solutions.  This approach has been and continues to be, very successful.

Ron has continued to lead new initiatives which engage, support, acknowledge and celebrate those involved in community sports/activities, in Aurora.

Ron’s professional background, his experience as a community advocate, and his ability to connect with individuals/groups and provide effective leadership in obtaining positive outcomes comprise a strong resume to represent our community as a member of the Town Council, in Ward 1. I look forward to supporting Ron.