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Progress on the Aurora Affordable Housing Action Plan

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I spoke with the Mayor about the progress made on the Affordable Housing Action Plan which was mentioned in the previous email about the ‘Aurora Cares’ Group formation. The following was provided on the progress of this important document and I am pleased to share this information:

The Draft of the Aurora Affordable Housing Action Plan and an Affordable Housing Toolkit is to be presented in June of this year. It is consistent with the Province’s own Action Planning that suggests 55 high-level recommendations and a total of 77 recommendations.

The Town has also engaged Toronto Metropolitan University for advice.

Once published, the public will have an opportunity for input.

Progress includes:

  • “as-of-right” 4 units on a property Town-wide – allowing for fourplexes
  • “as-of-right” pre-zoning along Leslie and Bayview, and in our downtown and around the GO Station.
  • Community Planning Permit System (through our OP), a tool that combines zoning, site plan and minor variance processes into one application with shorter approval timelines.
  • Affordable Housing Community Improvement Plan (CIP), that specifies the incentives we can offer developers to build more affordable housing all across Aurora. While it’s still in development, the updated CIP could identify surplus municipal lands that could be leased or sold to developers at below-market value. This will be coming to the Council shortly.
  • In the development stages is a new online e-permit tool that fast-tracks applications that meet a minimum affordable housing requirement.
  • eliminating minimum parking requirements for new developments in the Major Transit Station Area (MTSA), making it cheaper for developers to build and should have the effect of lowering unit prices.

I encourage residents to follow these developments and, in particular, be prepared to engage with the contents when it is published in Draft.

We know that affordability is top-of-mind for our residents who need employees who can afford to live and work in Aurora. We know that parents and grandparents want their children and grandchildren to be able to afford to live close. We know we must be inclusive and provide opportunities for housing for a wide range of needs. We are also confident of the knowledge, skill, expertise as well as commitment of our residents to support this Quality Community.

Thanks to those who have connected with me about joining ‘Aurora Cares’ and know that I have forwarded all inquiries to the leaders of that group. If others are still interested, feel free to reply.



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