Councillor, Ward 1 Aurora

Shaun McGuire

I would like to take this time to endorse Mr. Ron Weese for Ward 1 on Aurora Town Council.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ron roughly 6 years ago through Aurora’s sporting world.

My relationship with him started off as a sport relationship when he was President of Sport Aurora, and I became President of Aurora King Baseball Association.

Our relationship became one of friendship as I found myself calling him for advice on other areas of my life, to which he was and is always there to listen and suggest.

Over the years I have seen just how organized, articulate and an advocating genius Mr. Weese is in ALL sports in Aurora. This is the reason why I endorse Ron, he is a man of action and knows not only what should be done, but how to do it.

If you truly care about things getting done and have your voice heard plus have your children and grandchildren involved in sport in the town of Aurora…..

VOTE Ron WEESE Ward 1 Councillor