Councillor, Ward 1 Aurora


I have had the privilege of knowing Ron Weese and his family for over 20 years.  Ron is passionate about Physical Literacy and Sport and was the co-founder of Sport Aurora.  For 10 years I volunteered with Sport Aurora and during most of that time, Ron was its President.  Ron was instrumental in spear-heading initiatives such as the All Kids Can Play Program, Physical Literacy, Women in Sport (now known as Women Leading Girls), Breakfast of Champions, Volunteer Recognition event, and Aurora’s Sports Hall of Fame.  Without Ron’s leadership and guidance, none of this would have been possible. Ron is a community-builder.

Ron is a strong advocate of maintaining good health through physical activity. Through Ron’s passion and vision, he was responsible for initiating and leading Activate Aurora.  Activate Aurora’s mandate was increasing its young and old residents’ awareness of the importance of staying active to maintain a healthy community.

Ron and Eileen raised their family in Aurora and they are proud to be members of this community.  Ron loves this Town and strives to make Aurora a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. Ron has always led by example and through his dedication and passion has been an inspiration to many people in our community and to me.

I am hopeful that Ron will be elected as Town Councillor of Ward 1.  Ron has the experience, passion, and dedication required to represent the citizens of Aurora and help lead this great Town into the future.

Dr. Doug LeGallais

Legallais Veterinary Hospital, Past Sport Aurora Board Member, Chair - Breakfast of Champions

I met Ron Weese in 2010 when, as president-Aurora Men’s Slo Pitch League, I attended a meeting of Sport Aurora.  My intent was to gain an understanding of the organization’s purpose, as our league was considering an application for membership.

I was very impressed with every aspect of the agenda, especially Sport Aurora’s founder/leader…Ron Weese.   Ron overviewed Sport Aurora as a community advocacy group…. soliciting input from local sports organizations to understand their needs/challenges for resources and support, find common interests and provide a collective communication path with the Town of Aurora to collaborate on solutions.  This approach has been and continues to be, very successful.

Ron has continued to lead new initiatives which engage, support, acknowledge and celebrate those involved in community sports/activities, in Aurora.

Ron’s professional background, his experience as a community advocate, and his ability to connect with individuals/groups and provide effective leadership in obtaining positive outcomes comprise a strong resume to represent our community as a member of the Town Council, in Ward 1. I look forward to supporting Ron.


RCLegion#3853098713 (3)
Rob Fairs

Past-President Men's Slo-Pitch League, Ward 1 Resident

I met Ron through the Activate Aurora Seniors Committee. I was impressed by his commitment to the seniors in Aurora and his connections across the community. As a business owner with seniors as our main concern, it was important to see the needs of the senior population being considered. Ron has the best interests of the community in his mind and will be a strong representative for Ward 1 on Aurora council.

VickyMcGrath jean jacket pro cropped
Vicky McGrath

Here to Help Home Care Services Inc.

Ron is the exemplary Auroran, always giving back to his community.

He brings years of experience and expertise to every endeavour he undertakes. Ron spearheaded the creation of the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame where I had the pleasure to serve with him as Treasurer. He is a natural leader. He continually strives for excellence and motivates his team to excel.

I’ve known Ron for 15 years as a friend and fellow board member. He is honest, sincere, generous and hard-working. Ron loves Aurora! He has done more for the Town and for sport in Aurora than anyone I know.

He will be a much-needed addition to Town Council and I heartily endorse him for Councillor in Ward 1.

Don Ball

Aurora Resident - Past Aurora Sports Hall of Fame Treasurer

I would like to take this time to endorse Mr. Ron Weese for Ward 1 on Aurora Town Council.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ron roughly 6 years ago through Aurora’s sporting world.

My relationship with him started off as a sport relationship when he was President of Sport Aurora, and I became President of Aurora King Baseball Association.

Our relationship became one of friendship as I found myself calling him for advice on other areas of my life, to which he was and is always there to listen and suggest.

Over the years I have seen just how organized, articulate and an advocating genius Mr. Weese is in ALL sports in Aurora. This is the reason why I endorse Ron, he is a man of action and knows not only what should be done, but how to do it.

If you truly care about things getting done and have your voice heard plus have your children and grandchildren involved in sport in the town of Aurora…..

VOTE Ron WEESE Ward 1 Councillor

Shaun McGuire

President Aurora King Baseball Association

I have known Ron Weese for 15 years through his work with Sport Aurora.

Ron’s high level of integrity and collaborative leadership style has been extremely effective in establishing and moving Sport Aurora forward.

His intentions are always to represent and empower all sports organizations and residents of Aurora.

Ron has a wealth of experience working with various levels of government, teams, groups, associations, and corporations, which allows him to offer a ‘best practices’ mentality, with each initiative.

Ron is a long-time Aurora resident and advocate for so many important causes and I fully support Ron for an Aurora Council Seat in Ward 1.

Bill Maron

Total Tennis

I have known Ron for almost 15 years and had the opportunity to work with him when he was a professor and I was the Dean of Applied Arts and Health Sciences at Seneca’s King Campus. Ron’s passion for sport and physical literacy resulted in my asking him to take a leave from his teaching assignment to take on the development of a new Fitness and Heath Promotions Program. Ron sought input from his colleagues and collaborated with community partners to bring this program to life. I am certain he will approach his candidacy for Ward 1 Councillor with the same dedication and perseverance to serve residents in his ward.

Tina DiSimone

Former Associate Vice-President Academic, Seneca College - Aurora Resident

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ron for many years through our mutual involvement in various sporting endeavours in Aurora.

During that time Ron has continually demonstrated leadership skills and organizational abilities that have made a significant contribution to Aurora.

Now that he has made the decision to seek a place on Aurora Town Council, as a resident of Ward 1, I am pleased to endorse his election campaign.

I know that his attention to detail and proven experience of building consensus will be a tremendous asset for all of Aurora.

Stephen Forsey Head Shot
Stephen Forsey

Ward 1 Resident

I write this personal endorsement of Ron Weese for Councillor in Ward 1 of the Town of Aurora.

I have known Ron for over 15 years now, and he continues to volunteer his time and leadership for the betterment of our community. I worked with Ron and other Sport leaders to found and build Sport Aurora. Ron continues to work within this organization as its longest-standing President.

Ron has always helped with Town Committees such as the Leisure Services Advisory Committee to ensure sport and recreation remained strong. As an advocate, he was always helpful to our organization and others.

In particular, in my baseball career, Ron helped our organization with issues related to field development and permitting.  Ron’s support, input and direction helped establish much-needed changes and we were able to successfully build new fields.

I can confidently state that Ron’s direction, commitment, and volunteerism have made Aurora a better place for sport and for all residents who participate, regardless of age. It’s people like Ron Weese that make our community what it is, and I endorse him for the position he seeks.

Dave Giroux

Aurora Sports Hall of Fame Inductee 2022, Past-President of Aurora King Baseball, Founder of Aurora Minor Ball Association

Ron brings a unique perspective to public office.

Although he had not held public office, he has certainly been in the public eye of Aurora for over two decades: as a Professor at Seneca College; as the founder and leader of Sport Aurora; and as the founder of the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame.

He was the driving force behind Activate Aurora and Sport Aurora’s unique All Kids Can Play program.

He was also the driving force behind a number of grant applications that brought in over $1,000,000 to the Town of Aurora! A most impressive feat.

It is my pleasure to endorse Ron for election in Ward 1 where he will continue his commitment and drive to make Aurora a better place.

Geoffrey Dawe

Former Mayor, Town of Aurora

It is my great pleasure to endorse Ron Weese as Ward 1 candidate for Aurora Town Council.  Ron has long demonstrated his passion for Aurora through his conviction that Aurora needs to be a best-in-class family-centric community.

His drive to create Sport Aurora and the Activate Aurora Sports participation program was well ahead of the curve.   Ron is a good listener, is firm and decisive and has excellent collaboration skills. But he’s more than a ‘sports guy’ and I’ve been impressed with the depth of thinking of his platform and the thoughtful Interactions Ron has been having with the community.

I can’t wait to see Ron in action at council meetings and am sure he will bring new thoughtful thinking to the Council deliberations.

Vote Ron Weese for Ward 1 Counsellor.

Dan Thompson
Dan Thompson

Honoured Member-Aurora Sports Hall of Fame

I have known Ron Weese for 20 years, both personally and professionally. He is an honest, caring and committed Aurora resident who has provided his expertise to the community for many years and in many ways. I became professionally involved with him when I was responsible for Community Services during his Activate Aurora Program where I found him to be community safety conscious. He implemented the Town-wide elementary school “Walk to School’ days that York Region Police supported.  I have always wondered why he didn’t run sooner! I know he will make a valued contribution to Aurora through the Town Council, and I endorse him for that position. He will work hard for his Ward and his Town.



Lou Malbeuf
Lou Malbeuf

Inspector, York Regional Police (ret.)

I strongly support and endorse the candidacy of Ron Weese for the position of Ward 1 Councillor in Aurora. I have known Ron for well over thirty years and I have always been amazed at his level of personal commitment and integrity. He aims for and achieves to the highest possible standard in every element of his life. Ron is not only a great family man and long-term resident of Aurora, but he is a teacher, a learner, and a “doer” in everything that he touches. He is smart, empathetic, and honest as the day is long.  His word is his bond, and he is a tireless and caring advocate for what is right and fair. The Town of Aurora will be the big winner when Ron is elected Ward 1 Councillor in Aurora.

Peter Lockhart

Board Chairman, Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame

It is my pleasure and honour to support and endorse Ron Weese as a candidate for Ward 1 in Aurora.

I have known Ron for the past few years through our love of sport (especially golf) and our passion to make a difference.

As a senior leader in national Canadian retail with 130,000 employees, I am a member of the Board of Directors with Special Olympics Ontario (SOO) and as the incoming Chairman of the Board of Special Olympics Ontario (SOO), I have found Ron to be a significant supporter of our movement over the years. Ron has been a major supporter of Inclusion in our community and a proponent of creating opportunity for all. He is always able to identify opportunities to link concepts together to create win-win situations for all.

Through all my interactions with Ron, I have found him to be a man of high morals, strong principles, and values. He is able to get things done through strong communication skills and open, honest dialogue. This approach is exactly what will make him a strong representative representing Ward 1 on Aurora’s next council.

With all the pending changes and potential growth coming to our town over the coming years we need someone on the Aurora Council to be strategic, and business-minded but remembers Aurora’s roots. It is my opinion that Ron has the skills to be that person.

As a Ward 1 resident, I want Ron to represent my best interests on Aurora Town Council. I endorse Ron Weese for Aurora Ward 1 Councillor.

John Bryden
John Bryden

Chair, Special Olympics Ontario

I heartily endorse Ron Weese as a candidate for Council in Ward 1 Aurora. I have known Ron since 2015 – from my previous role in community media to my later work with Sport Aurora and Activate Aurora – and have always seen him as a community-builder with a broad interest in making Aurora a better place to live, work, and play.

Ron has worked with several local non-profits and charities and has helped found key organizations such as Sport Aurora and the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame. He helped create programs like All Kids Can Play and Activate Aurora, and through his extensive grant writing ability, has been able to secure more than $1.3 million in provincial and local grants.

As a 38-year resident, Ron has deep roots in the community, and with his academic background as a professor at Seneca College, I believe he will bring a collaborative, thoughtful approach to local government.

For these reasons and more, I fully support Ron’s candidacy in the upcoming municipal election.

Neil Moore

Marketing and Communications Specialist