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‘Aurora Cares’ Formed – Join?

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Despite the negative reactions we have seen towards the Region’s application to build Men’s Emergency and Transitional Housing which was recently declined by a close vote at the Town Council, I am proud that many residents remain engaged and concerned about those who are less fortunate. A group has now been formed to ask questions and move forward with opportunities.

This group asks questions that deserve answers such as:

  • why do we not have an Affordable Housing Action Plan and how do we build one?
  • what are the barriers to building homes that meet the needs of ALL residents and how can they be overcome?
  • who are our true partners in making housing available and affordable to all.?

The group includes people who are positive, forward-thinking and committed. They want to build an inclusive community because they believe we are stronger together. They also know that community advocacy and action can make a difference. I believe they are right and I am in support of positive steps forward, not deflection.

I provide here a link you may wish to review that appeared in the Newmarket Today that captures much of the purpose.

LETTER: Aurora Cares says yes to shelters ‘in my backyard’ – Newmarket News (

The group is now acquiring residents who have an interest in joining their cause and while they are in the formation stage, I was asked to connect through my contacts to identify those who have knowledge, skill, expertise or just interest in helping move this forward.

If you have an interest in working with or following this group, please reply to me and with your permission, I can forward your contact information to the leadership of this group.

I will keep you informed.

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