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Strong and Wrong – Mayoral Decisions

With the passing of Bill 3, Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022, and Bill 39, Better Municipal Governance Act, 2022, the Mayor has additional legislative powers beyond those previously set out in the Municipal Act, 2001.

These include the power to:

  • Appoint the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer
  • Determine the organizational structure
  • Hire, dismiss or exercise any other prescribed employment powers concerning any division head or the head of any other part of the organizational structure
  • Create committees of Council, assign their functions and appoint the chairs and vice-chairs of committees of Council
  • Propose the Town’s budget subject to Council amendments, Mayoral veto and a Council override process
  • Veto certain by-laws if the Mayor believes all or part of the by-law could interfere with a prescribed Provincial Priority
  • Submit matters for the Council’s consideration if the Mayor believes it will advance a prescribed Provincial Priority
  • Direct Town staff in writing

This extends to writing Decisions he has made NOT to veto by-laws so it is clear what has been vetoed or what Decisions have been made. Mayoral Decisions do not require consultation nor approval by the Town Council.

The first significant Mayoral Decision was the Delegation of Mayor’s Powers Re Organizational Structure and Employment Matters

This delegates the authority of Strong Mayor Powers to the CAO to hire, dismiss or exercise any other employment powers to the CAO.

My Opinion?

To initiate all this, the Mayor unilaterally and without consultation with the Town Council, extended the CAO’s contract to January 2026.  I believe the CAO has done a fine job, particularly under the difficult circumstances of COVID-19 and with a capital-intensive project such as the Town Centre. I find no fault in extending his tenure.

However, I think it is typical and best practice that a performance evaluation could have/should have been done. Most well-managed corporations want to ensure employee responsibilities are clear and measurable and they hold those employees responsible for meeting goals and achieving targets. Identifying areas of possible improvement in a changing municipal environment is critical.

No idea if this was done.

Also, it makes sense that all Councillors should have input into this evaluation as each has their relationship and opinions about what is being done or has to be done. And, should the decision to extend a contract be warranted, appropriate congratulations and a public announcement could have been made.

This did not happen.

On December 15th, 2023 the Council received an email identifying the CAO’s extension with no details such as salary, benefits, severance or responsibilities; only that the contract had been extended until January 1, 2026. Now you know as much as the Council does.

When I was made aware of the extension, I contacted Mr. Nadorozny, thanked him for his service, and pledged my support for his continued success. I fully agree that Mr. Nadorozny’s contract should have been extended, but disagree with how it was done.

Ignoring and disrespecting the Council elected to represent you is disrespectful to every voter.

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